Romanian officials approach labour mobility issue during meetings with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis received yesterday the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond, the talks having on the agenda issues related to free movement of people and labour mobility in accordance with the EU rulings.

“I am very glad you have decided to pay a visit to Bucharest. I understand you are on a European tour, this is excellent,” President Iohannis greeted the British official.

A presidential release informs that President Iohannis and British Foreign Secretary Hammond expressed appreciation to the quality of bilateral cooperation in the areas of security and defence, supporting their enhancement. ‘President Iohannis underscored Romania’s wish to focus its efforts in view of turning into account the considerable potential of the British-Romanian Strategic Partnership at political and economic level,’ the release reds.

President Iohannis also stressed the need for putting into practice in full the free movement of people as according to the EU rulings. ‘Romania will continue to monitor, along with the European Commission and having dialogues with all EU member states, that the rights of Romanian citizens are fully observed as European citizens. Romania is also appreciating the UK’s constant support in view of Schengen accession, the release also reads.

Presidential adviser Mihai Razvan Ungureanu presented to the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond the new head of the presidential chancellery Dan Mihalache.

The British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond also met yesterday PM Victor Ponta and FM Bogdan Aurescu.

PM Ponta: Our partners message is work together for Romania

“I’m glad that, during this morning at very brief intervals, the US, the UK, our strategic partners were and are represented at a very high level — the British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Hammond, the DoS Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Nuland. I could tell you the main messages: to change the political culture in Romania with respect to collaborate and work together. So, don’t listen to those reaching for scandal. Our strategic partners’ main message is to work together for Romania and for our position in the region. Collaboration and not war and scandal is not what brings credibility to Romania, firstly, and secondly the investors’ confidence in Romania,” Victor Ponta said at the beginning of the weekly Gov’t meeting, after meeting the two foreign officials on Wednesday.

 FM Aurescu: Labour mobility has positive economic effects on GDP of the country they work in

Labour mobility has positive economic effects on the GDP of the country they work in and contributes to the economic growth of the state in question and of the EU economy in general, Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu said in a joint press conference with his British counterpart Philip Hammond, Agerpres informs.

Aurescu also said that Romania pleads for settling the domestic market, including by completely guaranteeing the labour force free movement. In context, Aurescu hailed the ‘ascending trend’ of the Romanian-British relations in the political area.

‘From an economic stand, I want to mention that last year, until September, we registered EUR 2,576.4 million commercial exchanges with a trade balance in Romania’s favour worth EUR 618.69 million. I have voiced my and the Romanian authorities’ intention to strengthen our bilateral relations in the context of the potential of the strategic partnership. We have also tackled the economic, social, political and security challenges we are confronted with in the European Union, for which a comprehensive response through coordinated efforts on a European level is needed,’ Bogdan Aurescu added.

Philip Hammond: We greet Romania’s decision to increase the defence budget to 2 pc of GDP

The British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond greeted on Wednesday Romania’s decision to increase the defence budget up to 2 percent of the GDP, in accordance to the NATO summit decisions in Wales. The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens, Philip Hammond said during the press conference with his Romanian counterpart Bogdan Aurescu.

The British Foreign Secretary underscored the two states will cooperate so that NATO will comply with the commitments agreed upon at the summit in Wales. We have a strategic bilateral relationship with Romania. We have very good cooperation in defence and security areas, as well as growing economic exchanges, Hammond also said.

He added that London and Bucharest will work together within the EU to make sure the Union remains ‘united and robust’ in maintaining the sanctions against Russia until this state will cease trying to change the map of Europe by military force.

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