Romanian President delays answer on his NATO bid

President Klaus Iohannis made his first public appearance on Wednesday after running out of support to Mark Rutte for the post of NATO Secretary General.

Asked if he would withdraw from the race, given that the last two countries, Slovakia and Hungary, have also announced their support for the Dutch prime minister, Iohannis said he would answer on Thursday, after speaking about the matter at the CSAT meeting.

About NATO, more tomorrow. I will present these matters first in the CSAT, and then to public opinion. But I can assure you that by tomorrow afternoon you will be fully cleared and we can move on. Consider this a non-response and a postponement,” said Klaus Iohannis during a press statement next to the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella, who is on a visit to Romania.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, has announced a day ago that he will support Mark Rutte for the position of Secretary General of NATO, thus leaving the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, without any support in his race for the head of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Iohannis on key EU Role Negotiations: “No Member State Should Be Ignored”

Referring to the undergoing negotiations for the EU top positions, the Romanian President said that no state should be ignored or sidelined in this respect.

“The EU is a union of states, not of parties, and it must be negotiated in such a way that all states feel involved and served according to the national interest. It is not possible for a member state to be ignored, marginalized in these negotiations. If so, it must be corrected. Political families cannot suppress the right of member states to be involved. European political families do not have exactly the same role that parties have in the life of states, and this needs to be seen. We have to have a fair and fine balance. The European institutions must be led by properly elected persons, with the participation of all political families and states, but persons “clean as a tear”, on whom they should not hover. The package of nominations must be flawless, strong, reliable, negotiated in blood, but taking into account all national and political claims. And there is a long way to go,” Iohannis pointed out.

Asked that he considers Romania is will treated in these negotiations, the Romanian head of state replied:  Romania is treated correctly, I made sure of this. I didn’t mean people, it’s about values ​​and principles”.

About the date of presidential election

As for the presidential elections, according to the legislation in force, they can take place in September or in October or in November.

If something else is wanted, the legislation must be changed and I think it’s too late for that now. It doesn’t matter, in my opinion, whether they take place in September, October or November. What matters is the opinion of the Romanians. It is important for me to emphasize that the president of Romania must be elected by Romanians, and not by parties. That’s why we have direct voting and that’s why I think it’s important for Romanians to be informed and interested, regardless of whether they are in the mountains, at the sea, at the office or anywhere else during the campaign Romanians must be aware of the importance of these elections and go to vote, that concerns me the most,” Iohannis said.

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