Romanians to polls on Sunday to elect the President. Three days to vote for the Romanians abroad. PNL accuses PSD of trying to block elections

Romanians are called to polls on Sunday, November 10, for the first round of presidential election. The President will be elected for a 5-year term.

For the first time, to avoid the queues in front of the polling stations abroad, Romanians in Diaspora will have three days to vote, starting tomorrow, November 8, as of 12:00hrs.

Also for the first time, Romanians abroad had the possibility of casting their options through the postal vote if they registered on, for the option postal vote.The registrations for the postal vote ended on September 15.

Most of the Romanians living abroad opted for the postal vote, 41,003, while 38,944 chose to vote in the polling stations.

Envelopes containing the postal votes of 15,551 Romanians had been validated until Thursday at 10 a.m. by the Permanent Electoral Authority. AEP informs that those whose envelopes don’t reach the authority until Thursday will be notified by email to go to the nearest polling station to cast their vote.

The voters in Diaspora can find which is the polling station where he/she belongs by accessing Registrul Electoral.

There are 835 polling stations abroad, with 639 in the EU countries; the list with all of them is available on the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website.

The countries with the most numerous polling stations are:
  • Spain (143 polling stations, compared to only 50 at the EP elections)
  • Italy (142, compared to 76)
  • Germany (80, as against 25)
  • UK (72, as against 29)
  • France (50 as against 17)
  • USA (38, as against 31)
  • Republic of Moldova (37, as against 36)
  • The Netherlands (25, as against 4)
  • Belgium (23, as against 8),
  • Ireland (16, as against 5)
  • Denmark (12, as against 7)
  • Austria (17, as against 9)
  • Greece(11, as against 4)
  • Portugal (9, as against 5)
  • Switzerland (8, as against 4).
PNL accuses PSD of trying to block the ballot
As more prefects named by PSD had filed requests for medical leave, claiming they are ill, Liberals accused the Social Democrats of trying to block the presidential election.
“I saw prefects getting sick. It must be a virus something, an epidemic,” PM Ludovic Orban told Interior Minister when the latter reported that two prefects had got sick.
Prefects are the ones who organise elections in the county structures.
PM Orban said later on that no prefect appointed by PSD will stay in office, accusing that their medical leaves are a strategy through which they cannot be dismissed for the moment.
Interior minister Marcel Vela has ironically commented that he will send doctors in Arad to see why the prefect and the sub-prefect had suddenly gone on medical leave right before elections, adding that “the two may have received the wrong medication””.
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