Romanians would want other politicians rather than other parties, survey says

Romanians’ expectations regarding the change of the political class are more pragmatic than idealistic, an INSCOP Research survey published by ‘Adevarul’ newspaper reads.

73.3% of Romanians believe a change is needed in the political class. 15.4% think not.

42.8% believe that there is no need for a new party because all parties recently appeared have disappointed, 24.6% say that all parties now existing in Romania must disappear and be replaced by new ones, 24.5 % believe that we need new parties, but have no chance to survive among those which already exist.

Darius Cristea, INSCOP program coordinator: “We note that there is no fundamental opposition – rather a conjectural one – against the emergence of new parties. The number of non-responses is not very high (8.1%), the percentage of those attached to the current party system is not significant.”

35.8% of Romanian argue that they wouldn’t vote a new party. 29.8% say they would vote for a new party, while 23.6% are undecided. 10.8% say they don’t reply, they don’t know.

The survey was conducted during April 23-30 on 1,085 individuals, with a margin of error of +/- 3%.

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