Romania’s ambassador in Minsk joins ‘guard squad’ at the house of Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich, the last leader of the Belarusian opposition still free

Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, has called journalists and diplomats at her house on Wednesday amid fears for her security, arguing she has been “searched” by several strangers who were buzzing her without revealing their identity.

Among those who came at her house to support her there are local and foreign journalists, as well as diplomats, including the Romanian ambassador in Minsk, Viorel Mosanu, according to Naviny. Svetlana Alexievich is the last leader of the Belarusian Opposition who is still free, the others have been either missing or arrested or fled Belarus.

Tens of opponents of the Lukashenko regime, journalists, supporters, diplomats have come to the writer’s apartment on Wednesday, including the Romanian and Austrian ambassadors, as well as the diplomatic staff of Sweden Embassy and of the EU Delegation in Belarus.

Writer and investigative journalist, Svetlana Alexievich, born in Belarus in 1948 was awarded the Nobel for literature in 2015, “for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time”. She is the first writer from Belarus to receive the award.

Alexievich’s books trace the emotional history of the Soviet and post-Soviet individual through carefully constructed collages of interviews, focusing on several dramatic events in Soviet history: the WWII, the Afghan War, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster: Zinky Boys: Soviet Voices from a Forgotten War, Chernobyl Prayer / Voices from Chernobyl, War’s Unwomanly Face, The Last Witnesses: the Book of Unchildlike Stories.

Alexievich is one the opponents of the current political regime in Minsk.

Lawyer Maxime Znak, one of the last two leaders of the Belarusian Opposition who were still free has been arrested by masked civilians on Wednesday.

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