Romania’s future president Iohannis predicts power shift in 2015

In an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, Iohannis predicted that the presidential vote would erode the 65 percent majority controlled by Ponta’s Social Democrats and their allies. “Everybody wants to be on the winning side. So, it is possible that during the next weeks or months we will have changes in the parliament,” Iohannis said. “So it’s possible that during the year 2015 we will have this shift which could give the National Liberal Party a majority, which it would then use to change the government.”

On Wednesday, ruling Social Democrat Party denied the incoming president’s comments. “We affirm that it is a solid parliamentary majority, as can be seen (…) A change can only be made through constitutional measures, not in other ways, and not by statements on television,” PSD spokesperson Gabriela Firea said. No later than Tuesday, PM Ponta talked about an upcoming government reshuffle, inducing the idea of continuity in ruling, both in government and in parliament.

During the interview, Iohannis refused to be drawn on what proposals he may veto, and on whether Romania should sign up to another aid deal with the International Monetary Fund after the current one expires next year.

“It is obviously very difficult to construct the budget with a deficit of 1.4 percent, which is the aim,” he said. “On the other hand, I am not in favor of new taxes, so the government has difficult task and I can only hope that they’ll come up with a decent draft.”

More congratulations coming

On the other hand, congratulations for the new Romania’s president kept on flowing.

US Vice President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation on Tuesday congratulated Romania’s President-elect Klaus Iohannis for the victory in the elections, noting the impressive voter turnout as a sign of a strong and healthy democracy, according to a White House release. The US Vice President and Romania’s President-elect Iohannis also discussed the critical importance of rule of law reform, both as a driver of economic growth and as a national security issue, the White House release reads. Klaus Iohannis underlined his determination to develop the bilateral strategic partnership further on.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski also congratulated Klaus Iohannis for winning presidential elections and invited him to pay a visit in Poland.

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