Row in Parliament at the plenary session convened to read the censure motion

The joint plenary session of the Parliament, convened on Thursday to read the censure motion initiated by USR PLUS and AUR against the Cîțu Government, started with a huge scandal, on whom leads the sitting, in the absence of Ludovic Orban, who delegated his attributions as president of the Chamber of Deputies and was absent. PNL deputy Florin Roman, who is deputy speaker of the lower chamber, held the microphone with his hands, while the quaestors pulled the chair under him, in an attempt to lead the meeting of the reunited plenary.

Roman announced that he would file a criminal complaint for hooliganism and destruction of official documents. The Liberal accuses those in the “toxic USR-AUR coalition” of blocking him by force, hooliganism, insults and physical aggression to exercise his “constitutional mandate”. Florin Roman was forcibly evacuated from the presidium, the quaestors pulling the chair under him.

TV capture

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu accused that USR PLUS leaders supported the actions of AUR members on Thursday after reading the censure motion in Parliament, when they aggressively tried to remove the vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies Florin Roman from the presidency of the reunited plenary.

“I appeal to all the people from USR who still feel pro-European and want democracy in Romania to renounce the actions of their leaders in the Parliament of yesterday”, Cîțu stated on Friday.

We have problems to solve. We cannot afford this political crisis. I demand maturity and responsibility from politicians to understand the situation that not only Romania, the whole of Europe is going through. We are in a pandemic and we cannot afford to have a political crisis. I call on all people in the USR who still feel pro-European and want democracy in Romania to give up the actions of their leaders in Parliament yesterday. You realize the ridiculousness of yesterday’s situation if we did not accept their resignations, they were reading a motion against their own actions”, said Florin Cîțu.

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