Row on who got Andrei Baciu withdrawn from the ministers’ list

After the stormy withdrawal of 29yo Andrei Baciu, nominated for the Health minister position, from the ministers’ list, Social Democrat chairman rushed to say that he had asked PM-designate Ciolos to withdraw him, while Ciolos denied, arguing he was the one who decided to withdraw Baciu after he had found out that he was just resident physician.

More precisely, Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that he had called Dacian Ciolos on Monday, asking him to withdraw Andrei Baciu from the nomination list, or else PSD would not vote the Government.

PSD chairman argued that the nomination for the Health portfolio was “something unacceptable”, considering that neither doctors would have accepted such a proposal. “How would they have felt with such an exotic character at the ministry’s helm?” Dragnea said.

Asked if the decision was taken after photos with Andrei Baciu posing in his underwear as a model had been published in the media, Dragnea said he wouldn’t comment that: “What should I say, that I was bothered by some clothes? Everyone can wear lipstick and make up and wig however he finds suitable, if he is in his own world. If he eyes for a public position, he cannot do that. Patients will run away from hospitals,” Dragnea added.

However, premier-designate Dacian Ciolos said it was his decision to withdraw Andrei Baciu after he had seen some information in the media. Ciolos also admitted he had found out Baciu is just a resident physician only after he had proposed him the Health minister seat.

“I chose him for his experience, he did not present me these details in his CV, but I saw his experience and I thought he had some interesting ideas when we discussed,” Ciolos pointed out. Questioned why he decided to withdraw his nomination, the PM-designate explained: “For there were some things that he hadn’t told me, unfortunately. Besides the qualities, the professional expertise and ideas, the things the media had signaled were extremely delicate to me and I don’t want to tarnish this government’s image and integrity in any way. That’s why I came to this decision very quickly, as soon as I found out.”

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