Row over PM Ciolacu’s US Visit: Ambassador Muraru Excluded from Political Meetings

The Prime Minister deemed the Embassy’s representation unnecessary at political meetings in the U.S., stated Ambassador Andrei Muraru on Sunday, during a reception where the Bucharest Executive met with representatives of the Romanian community in the U.S. In response, Marcel Ciolacu remarked, ‘What matters is to understand the mission each of us has.’

‘My role in this visit ends here. I thank my team in Washington for their efforts in the past days to facilitate the upcoming meetings, but the Prime Minister considered the participation of Romanian Embassy representatives in political meetings unnecessary. With that being said, Mr. Prime Minister, all I can do is wish you and the government team much success because your success here in America means Romania’s success. Ultimately, we all desire substantive meetings that contribute to the peace, prosperity, and security of Romanians,’ stated Alexandru Muraru during his address at the event. Later, the diplomat added that he made ‘an observation.’

‘I will allow myself… I believe the ambassador is younger than me. I think the greatest quality in politics is patience. I don’t think there is a big difference between politics and diplomacy, and I am firmly convinced that the ambassador has not yet lost patience, just as I haven’t in many difficult contexts. What’s important is to understand the mission each of us has in an important moment for Romania, and less about our personal interests or views,’ noted the Prime Minister.

On Monday, Marcel Ciolacu will participate in the official wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, including a 19-gun salute and flag honors. Subsequently, the Romanian Prime Minister will meet at the Pentagon with U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. At the end of the day, he will also meet with Jennifer Granholm, U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Romanian PM Marcel Ciolacu is on an official visit to Washington D.C. and New York until Wednesday, accompanied by a government delegation including Minister of Defense Angel Tîlvăr, Minister of Foreign Affairs Luminiţa Odobescu, and Minister of Economy Radu Oprea.

What Ciolacu Told Romanians in the USA

Last night, Marcel Ciolacu had the traditional meeting with representatives of the Romanian community, where he shared that 30 years ago, he attempted to choose the ‘foreign path’ but failed. Even his brother didn’t fare better. However, a childhood friend, whom the Prime Minister recently reconnected with, succeeded in the endeavor, now residing in Washington.

Thirty years ago, I tried to be part of the Romanian diaspora somewhere in Europe, in the UK, but I didn’t succeed. My brother tried in Germany for about 10 years, but then he came back home with his family. Instead, after decades, I reunited with a childhood neighbor. He came in 1990 with his mother, and I’m glad to see Bogdan again, who now has a wonderful family in the USA,” Ciolacu said.

“Romanians can only be retained in the country by developing public services and infrastructure. “I didn’t come to insist that you return to Romania because I know you won’t. You’ve established and already have a family in the United States, and I am firmly convinced that it’s challenging for you to come back to Romania at this moment. Instead, we can develop things together,” he told the Romanians in the US.

Visa Waiver
“I am firmly convinced that, with your help, our heartfelt project, shared by all Romanians, and currently the heartfelt project of the U.S. Ambassador to Romania, abandoning visas and the Visa Waiver program, will become a reality by 2025. We cannot overcome this challenge without your assistance and personal involvement,” the Romanian PM told those who met.

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