Ruling coalition senators want employees’ birthdays to be days off and paid by the employer

Several senators from PNL and one from PSD have submitted, to the Parliament, a draft bill by which they propose that employees receive a day off on the occasion of their birthday.

The legislative proposal, initiated by 19 liberal senators and one social democrat, completes in this sense art. 139 of Law no. 53/2003 – Labor Code. According to the project, “employees have the right to a paid day off on the occasion of their birthday”.

“Granting a day off, paid, on the day when each of us celebrates his birthday contributes to the motivation of the human resource, regardless of the field in which it carries out its activity, state or private. Within any entity – public institution, economic organization, etc. -, the human resource is the only resource capable of producing and reproducing all the other resources available to this entity. Whether we are talking about the financial, technological or, as the case may be, material resource. A motivated employee will actively contribute to increasing the efficiency of the respective organization”, the initiators of the project say in the statement of reasons.

They also mention that the fact that the employee will know that he will have a day off on his birthday will give him “the possibility to purchase tourist services for the celebration of this event in another locality” and thus “it will contribute to receipts, from fees and taxes, to the state or local budget”.

The birthday is an annual event in the life of each of us, and we must offer every employee the opportunity to spend this day as he wishes. Alone, with family or with friends”, the initiators argued.

They showed that Romanian employees ranked first in the EU in terms of the number of hours worked per week in 2020, according to data from Eurostat, the European statistics official.

The project will first enter the debate of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies being the decision-making body.

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