Russia accuses Romania at the UN of “violating the rights of minorities”

They would refer to Ruthenians, a small minority community in Romania.

The Russian delegation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva accused Romania of violating the rights of national minorities, listing Roma, Hungarians and Transcarpathian Ruthenians among the “most vulnerable” minorities. Without giving concrete examples of discrimination, the Russian delegation simply voted against the report on human rights in Romania within the Council.

In Romania, the Ruthenians are an officially recognized minority and represented in the Parliament. In addition, in our country there are several Ruthenian organizations, one of which has close ties with Russia.

The Union of Subcarpathian Ruthenians in Romania, which is very close to the Russian ambassador in Bucharest, whom it presents as “the older brother”, demands no more and no less than “full autonomy of Subcarpathian Russia within Ukraine”.

“We still have serious concerns about the discrimination of national minorities in Romania, the most vulnerable of which are the Roma, Hungarians and Transcarpathian Ruthenians. Xenophobia, racism and nationalism are currently on the rise in Romania,” the Russian delegation in Geneva said, according to a post on the X network.

The remark of the Russian delegation came on Monday, in the context of the presentation of the situation of respect for human rights in Romania (and in other countries) in Geneva, as part of the periodic assessment made by the UN Human Rights Council. In fact, Russia opposed the vote in the Human Rights Council on the report on human rights in Romania. The Romanian delegation at the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council was led by the secretary of state for global affairs and diplomatic strategies within the MAE, Traian Hristea, according to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ruthenians are one of the officially recognized minorities in Romania, they are represented in the Parliament, in the group of national minorities, by the Cultural Union of Ruthenians from Romania (UCRR). According to the presentation on the UCRR website, “the Ruthenians or Ruthenians are the inhabitants of an area in the heart of Central Eastern Europe, north and south of the Carpathian Mountains. The ancestral territory, also known as Subcarpathian Russia, stretches in the neighboring parts of Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland”. Ruthenians are also in Maramureș, according to the same source, where they have settled since the Middle Ages, “settling in several villages forming Ruthenian parishes under the Bishopric of Mukacevo”.

Also in Maramureș is another association of Ruthenians, the Union of Ruthenians of the Subcarpathians of Romania (URSR), which, according to the presentation on its own website, “is internationally recognized by world leaders and affiliated to the higher international forums of the Ruthenians of the Subcarpathians”.

URSR “aims to defend Ruthenian values, to develop friendly relations with all the peoples of the countries where the Subcarpathian Ruthenians live, and to carry on, over generations, their priceless heritage”, according to the same presentation. The organization boasts of having over 600 members, including prominent personalities, as honorary members.

Among the honorary members listed in the place of honor is also Victor V. Medvedchuk, leader of the Public Movement “Ukrainski Vibor”, former head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine”.

Victor Medvedchuk (Medvedciuc) is Putin’s famous pawn in Ukraine, a powerful pro-Russian oligarch who was also a member of the Rada of Ukraine. Accused of “high treason” for conducting illegal business in the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia, revealing state secrets and activities in favor of Russia, Victor Medvedciuc had been placed under house arrest in 2021.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    There you go! Who is in-charge of Romanian foreign policy? The Presidante! Total failure. Romania should have raised the issue of the Romanian Ethnic minorities in Ukraine aka North Bucovina and Ismail. It should have been raised immediately after Russia complained about the Ukrainian Presidential decree for banning all non Ukrainian language of minorities. This was the go ahead for Russia to invade since 25% of population is ethnic Russian. What did Romania do? Took the stance of the US and helped Ukrainians. Here is the payback now. Enjoy it.