Russia Accuses Romanian PM Ciolacu of Provocation and Interference

Russia has slammed the statements of Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, according to which only Romanians live in the Republic of Moldova. Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman of the Russian MFA said these statements are “provocative” and represent “gross interference” in the affairs of the neighboring country, reports the TASS agency.

TASS, one of the press agencies of the Russian state, mentions that Prime Minister Ciolacu told Digi24 that in the Republic of Moldova “there are no Moldovans, there is no Moldovan language, there is the Romanian language and Romanians”. Ciolacu made these comments in an interview on May 14.

“We draw attention to the fact that such provocative statements by Romanian officials, which represent a gross interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova, remain without an adequate response from the official Chisinau side,” said Maria Zakharova at her daily press briefing.

“We are doing this assessment now and we will continue to do it. But this assessment must be made by everyone. Both states, which are organized within national lines and which protect their representatives of ethnic groups throughout the world, as well as international organizations, to which the international community allocates money only to fulfill their mandate to protect human rights, to prevent the reincarnation of Nazism, fascism and any other hateful practices”, commented Zakharova.

The stance taken by the Russian Foreign Ministry comes after the representatives of the “Pobeda” (Victory) political bloc, controlled by the fugitive oligarch Ilan Şor and formed in Moscow, organized a protest a week ago in front of the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau against the statement of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu according to which “there are no Moldovans, only Romanians”.

Marcel Ciolacu told Digi24 that “Maia Sandu is the only European and democratic solution for Moldova”. The official added that “Romania will help the Republic of Moldova, because there are Romanians in the Republic of Moldova. They are no longer Moldovans and the Moldavian language no longer exists. It is the Romanian language and they are Romanians”, he added.

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