Russia’s Embassy retorts to Fifor’s statement on ballistic missiles: Bucharest prefers the ostrich policy

Russian Embassy to Romania has reacted to the Romanian Defence minister Mihai Fifor’s statements on ballistic missiles in Deveselu, saying the statement is „inadequate” and that Bucharest still prefers „the ostrich policy” and to overlook this topic.

Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, made a blunder on Tuesday evening, during the talk-show for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster, saying that Romania has, at the Deveselu military base, ballistic missiles…, instead of interceptor anti-ballistic missiles. Later on, he denied having said that.

The Russian Embassy is watching with some surprise the fuss developing in Romania around certain <inadequate> statements made by the Defence minister Mihai Fifor on the so-called defensive systems of NATO’s global defence missile network, which is in fact an American network and is deployed in Deveselu. It seems that the fierce debates around this topic have an appreciable flavor of domestic policy. In this respect: no comment- this is a domestic affair of Romania. Basically, as for the nature of the launchers deployed on the Romanian land and of the missiles destined for them, we have heard nothing new,” says the Russian embassy in a Facebook post.

The Russian diplomats further say that the presence of the US missile system in Romania breaks the strategic stability worldwide and represents a potential threat against the Russian Federation’s security.

To our deep regret, the ostrich policy is still preferred, unfortunately, in Bucharest, which is overlooking the main circumstance in this respect. Namely: the presence of the American missile systems in Romania (…) which represents a potential threat against Russia’s national security, both due to its geographic position and also related to the U.S.  unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty in 2001 (…),” reads the statement.

Pavel Alekseenko, First Secretary with the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, has reacted to the Defence Minister’s blunder on Wednesday by thanking him ‘for the spontaneous truth’.

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