Scandal in Bucharest’s districts 1 and 2. Electoral process suspended

The results of local elections for the District 1 and 2 city halls are still not clear. The difference between the candidates is less than one percent. In District 1, the taking of votes was stopped after many polling station presidents were kept for more than 30 hours in the heat, without water, without food. Some polling station members got sick and needed the intervention of doctors. Where the vote counting process has been suspended, the votes will be guarded by gendarmes.

Tense situation in District 2. Radu Mihaiu accuses that he lacks 280 votes from a section

District 2’s voter, Radu Mihaiu, claims that he lacks 280 votes from a polling station, so he went to the headquarters of the Electoral Bureau in District 2.

Rareş Hopincă, winner of the election according to the partial results, also went to the Electoral Bureau of sector to oversee what is happening. Radu Mihaiu announced on Facebook that he is moving to the District Electoral Office, unhappy that he is missing 280 votes from a polling station. He went to the Electoral Office accompanied by a few relatives and supporters, but Rareş Hopincă did the same.

Hopinca told Antena 3 that Radu Mihaiu is trying to put pressure on the members of the Electoral Bureau, which is an abuse. Previously, the mayor of District 2, Radu Mihaiu, stated that the election situation at the sector level has not yet been finalized.

“The whole situation is on a knife’s edge”, said Radu Mihaiu. Rareş Hopincă is in first place in the race for the District 2 City Hall, following Sunday’s elections, the current mayor, Radu Mihaiu, being a short distance behind him, reveals the partial results of the poll.

Electoral process in District 1 suspended, vote bags under militarized guard, Clotilde Armand asks for recounting

Clotilde Armand submitted a request for a recount of the votes in District 1. She announced on Tuesday morning that she submitted a request for a recount of the votes and that she notified the authorities regarding the fraud attempts at several polling stations.

“I submitted a request for a recount of the votes. I notified the authorities regarding fraud attempts at several polling stations; I remind you for all those who have heard public statements of several politicians not to follow the trick because until today only 40 sections out of the total of 166 have been officially counted”, Armand said. The difference in votes on the parallel counting of the parties is very, very small and that’s why some of the PNL and PSD were quick to spread false messages publicly that they won“, claims Clotilde Armand.
She spoke of “problem” wards, as well as “problems with the mobile ballot box”. We lack a lot of votes in the problem sections, where we caught them trying to steal. There were also more problems with the mobile ballot box. We are waiting for the count and the official data. We experienced something like this before in 2016. Ciolacu also knows how they stole from us then,” said the mayor of Sector 1.
On the other hand, the first vice-president of the PNL, Rareş Bogdan, said on Monday that George Tuţă won the elections in District 1 and Clotilde Armand should come to terms with the idea, stop threatening, stop putting pressure and stop making criminal complaints against the presidents of sections.

The Electoral Office in Sector 1 decided, on Monday evening, to suspend the electoral process until Tuesday morning and take over the materials under militarized guard. The Electoral Office of Sector 1 decided, on Monday evening, “to reschedule the verification operation and centralize the results of the electoral process in the constituency of Sector 1, starting on 11.06.2024, starting at 09.00”.

The Electoral Office announces that it has taken into custody, under militarized guard, the electoral materials used by the sections not taken over until now. The representatives of the polling stations and those of the parties complained that the electoral process lasted more than 40 hours.

The Mayor of District 1, Clotilde Armand, asked the Electoral Office to come up with solutions, in the context where dozens of representatives of the polling stations stood in the sun, in line, all day to validate the minutes and submit the bags with votes, more people fainted and SMURD was called. She proposed that “the bags and minutes in a sealed room in Piaţa Amzei to be guarded by the gendarmes or to allow their return to the polling stations, and the bags and minutes to remain under the guard of the gendarmes”, but she says that no no one responded to these requests. Armand added that, until this moment, less than a third of the minutes from the polling stations in District 1 have been validated by the Sector 1 Electoral Office.

According to the latest results from the Central Electoral Bureau, in District 1, George Tuță has 36.29% of the votes, and Clotilde Armand 35.87%.

According to the latest results from BEC, in District 2, Rareș Hopincă obtained 43.35% of the votes, and Radu Mihaiu 42.48%.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Clotilde: Stop wasting tax payers money by forcing civil workers to recount. It is over.