Security laws to be sent in Parliament in May

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday that the laws on terrorism prevention, on the prepay phone cards and the cyber security law would be concluded by the Government and would be sent in Parliament next month so that the law package should be adopted during this parliamentary session.

The President also said that following consultations with the prime minister and with the political parties on Tuesday and Wednesday, a timetable of adopting the three laws has been agreed. He argued that the three laws need both a large parliamentary majority and the approval of the civil society.

Klaus Iohannis informed that he had proposed the parties to set up a parliamentary committee to draft the second package of security laws, considering the legislation is out-of-date and must be updated. The head of state explained that the laws must be brought up-to-date considering the latest terrorist attacks so that the state can prevent such “incidents” and to ensure the citizen’s safety.

On the other hand, the President warned that a balance should be provided between the national security and the human rights and freedom.

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