Senate Speaker Anca Dragu sacked, Florin Citu replaced her. Marcel Ciolacu takes the helm of the Chamber of Deputies

The much criticized PSD-PNL coalition started working in Parliament. The first move has been made, with PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu being elected as speaker of the Parliament’s Lower Chamber, the Chamber of Deputies. The position has been vacant since the formal Liberal chair Ludovic Orban resigned from the PNL Group in parliament and implicitly from the Chamber Speaker position.

Ciolacu ran against Cristina Pruna, from USR, but he won by 216 votes. His contender Cristina Pruna got 77 votes, while 5 votes were annulled.

The next step of PSD and PNL was to remove Anca Dragu (USR) from the Senate’s helm. PNL chair Florin Citu, the interim PM, who has got no job anymore in the Ciuca next Cabinet, is to take over the helm of the upper chamber.

PNL, PSD and UDMR have asked for Anca Dragu, a USR member, to be revoked from the position of Senate speaker, on the ground that the parliamentary majority changed. In retort, USR announced they will challenge the decision to the Constitutional Court.

Liberal Senator Alina Gorghiu said that there are CCR rulings that would allow the change of Anca Dragu. She invoked two articles of the Constitution, the Senate Rules of Procedure and a decision of the RCC.

“It is a point related to the political reality at the moment. It is not a sanction for Anca Dragu, it is a natural matter of normalcy when the majority changes, when the political configuration changes”, Gorghiu argued.

The request for the dismissal of Anca Dragu was submitted by PNL, PSD and UDMR and it will be put to vote in the plenary session.

On the other hand, USR says that the revocation of Anca Dragu is “unconstitutional”.

USR will fight to prevent the particularly serious abuse that the new parliamentary majority PSD-PNL-UDMR is orchestrating in the Senate in order to unconstitutional revocation of President Anca Dragu”, says a USR press release.

USR understands the desire of the new FSN to seize all power in the Romanian state, but will not accept the violation of the Constitution just for the sake of satisfying the petty pride of politicians temporarily at the buttons of power. USR will make every effort to prevent the abuses of the coalition of theft, to defend democratic and European values”.

Anca Dragu herself says that her dismissal is groundless, adding that PNL-PSD-UDMR’s only aim was to give this new position for the leaders of the new coalition. Dragu considers that both the Constitution and CCR rulings had been violated by her revocation.

“The first concern of this new USL was to replace the Senate speaker to ensure a position for the leaders of the new coalition. They have not increased the child allowances or pensions, they haven’t thought about the citizen, in exchange they thought of a position for the party. And they did one more thing: they gave the Romexpo plot of land as a gift to a private company,” Anca Dragu stated.

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