Senate’s budget committee issues admission report on Dragnea’s gold repatriation initiative

The budget-finance committee with the Senate has adopted on Tuesday an admission report on the draft bill initiated by Liviu Dragnea and Serban Nicolae, whereby the National Bank of Romania is required to repatriate the gold reserves currently kept abroad.

The favourable report to amend and complete Law no. 312/2004, regarding the statute of the National Bank of Romania, has received 7 votes for, 2 against and one abstention, informs.

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Liviu Dragnea and PSD Senator Serban Nicolae filed on February 28 a draft whereby BNR should repatriate 91.5% of the gold deposited by Romania abroad, i.e.56 tons of gold.

The draft provides that the gold reserves kept abroad cannot exceed 5% of the overall gold quantity representing the reserve.

The reasoning reads that the draft aims this amendment as the Romanian economy is in positive parameters, a trend estimated to continue.

The draft bill will reach the Senate plenary, as the first forum notified, for debates and vote in emergency procedure, then will reach the Chamber of Deputies as decision-making body.

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