Senate’s legal committee slams GEO on early elections

The Senate’s legal committee has rejected the emergency ordinance on early elections adopted by the Orban Cabinet by 8 votes in favour and 3 against (PNL, USR).
The amendment proposing the rejection of the GEO has been initiated by UDMR and voted by PSD and ALDE.

PSD, UDMR, ALDE and PMP don’t agree with the provision that allows voters in transit to vote in the locality where they are at that moment and not in the locality of residence, as the currently says.

PSD, UDMR and ALDE have actually put pressure on the Ombudsman (led by a former ALDE member, Renate Weber) to refer the GEO in early elections to the Constitutional Court.

The GEO on early elections has been published in the Official Gazette on Friday evening.

The main provisions are: three days of voting in Diaspora and doubling number of the MPs for Diaspora. Another provision reads that the date of early elections is set at least 50 days before the voting days, as against 90 days as it is stipulated at present.

Another novelty was to allow voters who are in their locality of residence on the day of elections to cast their vote anywhere they are in the country.

Deputy PM Raluca Turcan (PNL) retorted that the legal committee’s rejecting the GEO on early elections is “a mockery of Diaspora”.

Social Democrats are just not giving up the obsession to punish Diaspora for the stinging defeats suffered in the elections in the past years and they found a new way to get revenge. I urge PSD to put an end to this practice and change their vote in the Senate’s plenary session,” said Turcan.

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