Sibiu has new mayor

Deputy mayor Corina Bokor has been elected the new mayor of Sibiu on Friday, after the incumbent mayor, Astrid Fodor had lost her mandate following a final court ruling pointing to a case of incompatibility during her previous term as deputy mayor.

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After the court had pronounced a final ruling in Fodor’s case, Sibiu has thus remained without mayor and the seat has become vacant. 15 Sibiu councilmen, from the National Liberal Party and from the Democratic Forum of the Germans in Romania, have voted for Corina Bokor to take the mayor seat, while five PSD councilmen have cancelled their vote.

Corina Bokor, member of the Democratic Forum of the Germans in Romania, just like Astrid Fodor, has stated she will continue the city hall’s activity “until mayor Fodor is able to resume her office, as invested by the citizens”.

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Meanwhile, Astrid Fodor has announced she would challenge in court the decision to suspend her from the mayor office.

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) has determined that Astrid Fodor was incompatible with her former deputy mayor position, when the mayor of Sibiu was the current president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis. ANI argued back then that Fodor had simultaneously held the deputy mayor seat and the one as member of the management board of two schools in Sibiu during September 29, 2012-July 3, 2014.

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