SIE director: Cyber attacks on the rise, yet probability of devastating cyber attack against Romania is low

The director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu stated that the frequency and the complexity of the cyber attacks, along with the diversification of the targets, are on the rise, adding that the lack of some unanimously accepted rules have turned the virtual space into a new ‘Wild West.’

However, the foreign intelligence head said that the probability of a devastating cyber attack against Romania is still low.

Although today the probability of a devastating cyber attack against Romania remains low, our society’s growing addiction to technology (…) creates the same vulnerabilities for all developed states in this sector by exposing the entire society to low or moderate cyber attacks but which are unfolded with a high frequency and whose cumulative costs can seriously affect the national security interests, be it to protect the public institutions or when we talk about the competitiveness of the economic and local private actors on the global market,” Ungureanu stated at a cyber security debate held in Parliament on Thursday. The debate was organised by the Committee for European affairs in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest.

The SIE director pointed out that, failing some unanimously recognized norms of the virtual space, guaranteed by the specialized institutions, the countries’ actions to promote their economic and political interests through the Internet have turned the digital environment into a new ‘Wild West’. He also argued that the absence of these regulations have encouraged an ‘out of time race’ of the last come and an arming competition among the established actors.

In her turn, the Dutch ambassador to Romania, Stella Ronner Grubacic stated that Romania has an excellent reputation on IT and on cyber expertise, underlining that the virtual security should be seriously considered to prevent the world from facing “a cyber 9/11”.

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