Solemn plenary session in Parliament to pay homage to late King Michael. Iohannis: Let’s defend the King’s legacy, to ensure a state where nobody is above the law

The Parliament has held a solemn plenary session of the Parliament on Monday afternoon to pay homage to late King Michael I of Romania, with President Klaus Iohannis, Crown Princess Margareta and Patriarch Daniel attending. The session was chaired by the speakers of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Liviu Dragnea.

In his speech, President Iohannis said that “we are honoring today, with deep respect, the memory of a great personality of our history, King Michael I of Romania. Loyal to his country and nation, he carried on his shoulders a difficult reign in very extremely tough moments of our history”.

Compelled to face tyranny, through the act of August 23, 1944, King Michael I served the cause of freedom and democracy. Then, by putting up a good fight against the country’s seizure by the communists, he proved courage and sense of honour. His tragic destiny is the same with the destiny of the Romanian people in the past century. During his long exile, the King symbolized the hope of a reborn and free Romania, which Romanians haven’t stopped dreaming of.

After the fall of communism, he was brutally prevented from entering the country and praying to the tombs of his great ancestors. He countered these desperate and absurd actions with dignity and the strength of his character,” the Romanian president stated.

Iohannis said that for all these, King Michael will remain as a great statesman in the memory of the Romanian people, while adding that the king’s principles don’t belong only to the past, but they are more actual than ever.

Michael I was a constitutional monarch who defended the rule of law, the individual rights and liberties, who militated for solid institutions and so that rules should be durable, assumed and observed. His integrity is an invaluable example, while his words are as eloquent as ever. <We’ll endorse any politician>, King Michael used to say 17 years ago, <regardless of his ideology, as long as he or she stays committed to respecting the human rights, to removing corruption and protecting all Romanians>,” the head of state pointed out.

Klaus Iohannis continued his speech by saying that the King had done his best to renew Romania’s traditional ties with all Western democracies, recalling the former sovereign’s diplomatic missions and tours to lobby for Romania’s accession to EU and NATO.

It’s our duty, of all of us, to defend King Michael’s legacy! By cherishing his memory, we all have the duty to ensure a stable and respectable Romania worldwide, that should be prosperous and strong, with a solid rule of law, where the aspiration towards freedom and prosperity for the Romanians should be achieved and where nobody is above the law. A country where the public life should be ruled by responsibility, decency and competence. In the end, a stronger and more united Romania, that we are all called to accomplish. May King Michael’s memory stay forever in our hearts!” President Iohannis concluded.

Princess Margareta: The Crown will continue to do its best for the country’s progress

In her speech, Crown Princess Margareta stated that the royal family will continue to support the country in its external actions, as King Michael used to do when he was alive.

I lost a father, like the entire nation. That’s why we mourn together, knowing that we are united in our sorrow. My father’s kindness and compasion defeated all villainy of the past century, and his wisdom has ensured our country’s continuity, even when he was away from the country, Romanians have seen him as a bright lighthouse. For almost a century, the King was part of the fabric of our people.

A new time starts for my family and for the Royal House of Romania. Inspired by the same sentiments as my father’s, I will continue his work, for the fulfillment of our mission towards the Romanian people. The Crown will continue to do its best next to the fundamental institutions for the country’s progress within EU and NATO. The King has always believed that our duty is to be part of these efforts!,” the Crown Princess told plenary sitting.

The Custodian of the Crown added that, besides the charitable actions, the Royal House will also promote the real face of Romania and the country’s interests abroad.

“Looking behind we can be proud by the progress of the nation. There has always been a tomorrow in my parents’ heart. For that tomorrow I thank you for today,” the princess also said.

PM Tudose: The King will remain in history

In his turn, PM Tudose has stated that King Michael was a leader with a sense of duty for the country, who had the strength to understand to give up his own good for the sake of the public one. He added that King Michael will remain in history and that the Romanians owe him.

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