Supreme Court’s activity report: Despite attempts of political subordination, the justice independence is undeniable

The judiciary in Romania in the past years has been submitted to several attempts made by the political class to subordinate it, said President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday while attending the 2019 activity report sitting of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania’s Supreme Court).

The head of state yet said that “despite challenges, the huge steps Romania has taken to an independent justice are undeniable”.

“In the past years, the judiciary in Romania has been submitted to some attempts of political subordination. The Romanian society’s response to these attempts has been appropriate. Our democracy grew up, and Romanians stood by the magistrates, clearly voicing their opinion for the European values, rule of law and for a country where the law is the same for everybody. There are major gains for Romania, and we gave to duty to protect and consolidate these gains,” Iohannis pointed out.
The president added that the high activity volume in courts, the complexity of the files, the legislative instability or the political pressures are some of the constant challenges that the judiciary system has faced over the past years.

In her turn, the president of the High Court, Corina Corbu, complained that “there is a certain degree of negative perception” about justice across the Romanian society.

There is a certain degree of negative perception over the justice in the Romanian society. And none of us is sinless in this respect (…) Citizens, entrepreneurs, NGOs are directly feeling the consequences of inflation, incoherent laws in certain fields, the negative effects regarding the increasing duration of the judiciary procedures, but also the risks prompted by the situations of non-unitary practice or by the impossibility to obtain a final ruling of a case in a reasonable time”, said Corbu.

She added that all factors need to collaborate to improve the functioning of the judiciary system in Romania.

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