Ten candidacies submitted so far for the USR presidency, Dominic Fritz won’t run

After USR President Cătălin Drula announced his resignation following the poor result obtained by the party in the elections of June 9, ten members of the party expressed their intention to run for the top seat in the party, among them being the mayor of Câmpulung Muscel, Elena Lasconi, the deputy Cristian Seidler and the activist Radu Hossu. Also, one of the candidates is from the diaspora.
The candidates:
  • Gabriel Mugur Dumitrescu – aged 54, Ploieşti, Prahova
  • Robert Andrei Amarandei – aged 25, District 6, Bucharest
  • Vasile Dinca – aged 51, Floreşti, Cluj
  • Luiza Oancea – aged 33, UK, Diaspora
  • Adrian Ştefan Dudu, aged 31, Craiova, Dolj
  • Cristian Gabriel Seidler, aged 43, District 5, Bucharest
  • Eduard Ene, 24 ani, Craiova, Dolj
  • Elena Valerica Lasconi, aged 52, Câmpulung Muscel
  • Radu Mihai Hossu, activist
  • Vasile Gabriel Filip, aged 46, Constanţa
The first to announce that he would run for office was the mayor of Timişoara, Dominic Fritz, who, however, stated that he did not want to run for the presidential elections. That is why, during the Sunday, he announced that he will no longer be a candidate.
“My goal in the last few days was to build a unifying formula because the last thing we need is even more division (…) I must acknowledge, however, that my proposal to separate the presidential candidacy and the party presidency does not seem to has sufficient traction at the moment within the party and is not shared by either Lucian or Elena. Going forward with it would risk dividing us at a crucial moment, and I don’t want to repeat the mistakes in the USR that led to fragmentation”, Fritz told his colleagues.
He informed them that he would not run: “I will not run. I assure you that it was an extremely difficult decision that I took with great responsibility. I don’t need the USR presidency to participate in the reconstruction”. He called for “a better communication based on the real needs of the people, an empowerment of the performing local branches and an opening of the party to all the reforming forces from within and from the country”.
USR must once again become a magnet for quality ideas and people. I will put myself at the service of these ideas with a candidacy for the National Office together with a team from all over the country. Friends, I know there is a lot of commotion these days. Some political opponents have already started making plans for a Romania without us. He is mistaken. USR will emerge stronger from this crisis. We will win again“, the mayor of Timisoara concluded his message to his colleagues.
The mayor of Bacău, Lucian Viziteu, had also announced, a few days ago, that he was willing to run, but on Sunday he specified that he supports the candidacy of Delena Lasconi.
The mayor of Câmpulung Muscel, Elena Lasconi, won a new mandate with over 60% of the votes cast in the June 9 election, and on Sunday she announced that she will also run for the presidency of the party and for the presidential elections.
The spokesperson of the USR, Ionuţ Moşteanu, declared on Tuesday that the submission of candidacies for the president of the USR will be until the end of this week and at the latest on June 28 it will be clear who will be the new president of the USR.
“The submission of candidacies for the USR president will be until the end of this week, next week we will have the internal campaign, which each presidential candidate will carry out. Then, on June 24 and 25 there will be online elections, round 1, on Wednesday there will be a day off to reset the system, on June 27 and 28 the second round. At the latest on the 28th it will be clear who will be the new president of USR and it will be the day when Cătălin Drula will hand over the prerogatives to the new president”, said Moşteanu.
“Cătălin Drula convened a congress at the end of this month and on June 29 we will have a new National Office. The status of USR is different from other parties, we elect the president separately, by the vote of all members, it is an electronic vote. The National Bureau, the collegial management structure, from the Executive Bureau is elected by the delegates to the Congress. There are 24 colleagues who now lead the party, there will be 24 colleagues in the new National Office from June 29″, he stated
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