Tense relations Iohannis – SIE head, sources say

The relations between President Klaus Iohannis and Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) chief Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (photo), have soured in recent months, the latter being absent from several events that have taken place lately, several political sources, including from Cotroceni Palace, have told hotnews.ro. It is not clear if relations have deteriorated so that the head of state to ask for Ungureanu’s resignation, although some sources claim this has already happened, but the SIE chief refused to leave.

One of the causes that have led to poor relations is that “Ungureanu boasts that in 2019 he will be the next president” which allegedly disturbed the head of state, the quoted sources said for HotNews.ro. In addition, Ungureanu is reproached of being dependent on certain businessmen. President Klaus Iohannis’s problem is that replacing Ungureanu is a complicated move, as the vote in parliament for the new SIE chief risks being rejected, the sources say.

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