The army endowment plan withdrawn from the CSAT

The Romanian Army’s endowment plan was to be discussed on Tuesday in the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), but it was withdrawn from the Council’s agenda, with President Klaus Iohannis arguing the plan had neglected the political agreement to grant 2 pc of the GDP to the defence sector.

It was the first CSAT meeting attended by the new PM Mihai Tudose and the new ministers of Defence (Adrian Tutuianu), Mihai Fifor (Economy) and Ionut Misa (Finances).

A document withdrawn from the agenda was the Romanian Army’s endowment plan for 2017-2026. It has neglected an important aspect, the political agreement to allot 2 pc of the GDP to Defence for at least one example. The document is to be adjusted and presented in a future CSAT sitting,” President Iohannis stated, also referring to the recent accident involving military in Arges. “There are known problems, there was the warning that the army’s endowment is unfit. That’s why we decided to allot 2 pc of the GDP to equip the army. The decision was not just to spend on weapons, but also on logistics. This accident shows that we must put an endowment plan into force,” the head of state argued.

I think everybody has understood that we cannot tergiversate. Every day of delay can reflect on the national security. The acquisitions start this year, but it will take years until the Army will be adequately equipped,” Iohannis pointed out.

The implementation of the EU Global Strategy and the White Paper on Defence were also tackled at Cotroceni Palace in the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT).

President Iohannis said the EU Global Strategy had been approved. “The EU Global Strategy is very important to us, is based on research. Romania is interested in this project and wants to be part of it,” he mentioned.

As for the Romanian armed forces that can be made available for participation in missions and operations outside the territory of the country in 2018, the President informed the armed forces has been increased. There will be 1,793 military and civilians from the Defense ministry at the most and 971 military and civilians from the Interior Ministry. “Actually there aren’t so many people now and they will probably not be in 2018 either, but we want to make sure that we are disposing of a comfortable margin,” Iohannis said.

The Romanian president also announced that the SRI activity report had been approved, as well as the 2017 White Paper on Defence.

Iohannis said the SRI activity report is complete, well documented “showing how important is the SRI work to defend us from terrorists”.

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