The Netherlands’ PM Mark Rutte comes to visit the Dutch troops from Cincu

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Friday, in Prague, that Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte will come to Romania to visit the Dutch troops at Cincu, as there have been reports that Rutte is coming in our country in the context of a visit by EU experts who are checking the state of the country’s technical preparation for entering the Schengen Area.

Prime Minister Rutte is coming next week to visit the Dutch troops who are stationed in Cincu,” the head of state replied to a question on this topic.

Schengen is about technical criteria that must be met, especially on border control, migration control, etc. Since 2011, we have met all the technical conditions. This has been checked and rechecked. Meanwhile, we are actually part of a number of Schengen-related programs and procedures, and we’re doing a very good job there.

All formats that bring us together must be completed. The Schengen format allows the free movement of people and I think this is also important for Romanians, to consider themselves Europeans with full rights.

I am convinced that the security of Europe and the control over the movements of people coming from outside would be greatly improved if Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia were co-opted into the Schengen Area. We meet the technical conditions, but now these days we have offered the possibility for a body of experts to come and check them once more, so that everyone can be assured that they are all right”, Iohannis added.

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