The speed limit on the Express Roads in Romania will be 120 kmph, says recently adopted law

The maximum speed on express roads in Romania will be 120 km / h, compared to 100 km / h as currently stipulated in the Road Code, according to a law adopted by the Chamber of Deputies at the initiative of former Minister of Transport, USR deputy Cătălin Drulă . The legislative change comes just a few days before the opening of traffic on the first real kilometers of expressway in Romania.

“In the Chamber of Deputies, the law initiated by me was adopted today, together with my colleague from USR, the deputy Lazăr Ion Marian, according to which the maximum speed on the express roads in Romania will be 120 km / h (compared to 100 km / h , at present) ”, declared Cătălin Drulă, USR deputy and former Minister of Transport.

The former minister argued that “the adoption of the law came at the right time because, next week, the first kilometers of express road in Romania will be put into circulation. It is about an 18km lot from DEx12 Craiova – Pitești, which represents the detour of the Balş city ”.

The construction differences between an expressway and a highway are minor, and the design speed of an express road is 120 km / h. Both have 4 lanes, physically separated lanes with parapets, protective fences and uneven knots.

The traffic on the first completed section of the Craiova – Pitești Express Road (DEx12) is planed to open before Easter.  New images from the drone show that the last critical point has almost been resolved. In the case of the completed section, there are about 18.5 km, which will function as a way around for Balş and which will represent the first true section of the express road in Romania.

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