The top of the Romanian MPs who have the largest farmland and forest lands

The farming and forest lands owned by 190 senators and deputies have a surface two times larger than the city of Alexandria, the capital city of Teleorman county, official statistics say.

Overall, Romanian MPs own around 1,918 hectares of land, which is almost two times more than the area of Alexandria city, which is 956 hectares.

Among deputies, 131 of them own at least one farming or forest plot of land, and their areas altogether mounts to 1,118 hectares. According to the last wealth statement, Social Democrat deputy from Bihor, Nicu Nita, owns 152.18 ha of farmland and other green belts, obtained through purchasing or inheritance and fully owned by himself.

Furic Ianco and Mariana-Venera Popescu, deputies representing national minorities are ranking second and third in the top wealthiest deputies in terms of plot of lands. Furic Iarco represents the Democrat Union of Czech and Slovaks in Romania and has 116.44 ha of farmland in two villages in Timis county. The representative of the Macedon Association in Romania, Mariana-Venera Popescu, has obtained by court ruling farmland totaling 116 hectares in Mehedinti and Dolj counties. The two deputies are also known for voting in favour of the Criminal Code’s amendments.

PSD deputy Matei Suciu from Timis ranks fourth, with 97.39 hectares, out of which more than 87 ha are bought, the rest being inherited.

Among senators, 49 own farmland, forest lands and bodies of water with an area totaling over 800 hectares, according to their latest wealth statements.

Senator Siminica Mirea (independent) and her husband own several farming lands of 337.82 ha in Olt county, and also another 12.5 ha of forest land. The Mireas obtained lease incomes worth RON 152,536 last year.

The interim leader of PSD Braila, Ion Rotaru, also senator owns 98.12 ha of farmland together with his wife.

The third wealthiest senator on farmland is Social Democrat Marian Pavel, who boasts 59.3 ha in Ialomita county.

Development Minister, Paul Stanescu, PSD senator of Olt, has 33.72 ha of farmland in three villages in Olt. Another senator minister, FM Teodor Melescanu, has 0.52 ha of farmland and 4.5 ha of forest land.

The list of senators owning tens of ha of farmland is completed by Liberal Nicoleta Pauliuc (35.09 ha), former Culture minister, Vlad Alexandrescu (USR) – 42.32 ha and SocDem Nicolae Avram (49.75 ha).

There are also senators and deputies in the Parliament who have farmland in property of their children or of the companies where they are shareholders.

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