Though ousted from PSD, Mircea Geoana tables platform to run at the party Congress

The Social Democrat Party is facing serious challenges from the expelled members, but also from within the party.

Senator Mircea Geoana, ousted from PSD two months ago, told Gandul Live on Wednesday that he intends to submit a platform for the PSD Congress and to run for the party’s leadership, together with several colleagues. He argued that, if the incumbent leaders kept on leading the party, he would have to make sure that the new PSD should be really a new project.

Mircea Geoana explained he had the responsibility to offer the party that he belongs to and that he headed, “the chance of a new start” and this start can be a platform.

Asked if he could run for the party presidency, Geoana said he is more interested in the project than in a position.

“Positions are not important right now, it is not my main goal to be PSD president or the new PSD president forever,” Geoana said.

In retort, PSD executive president, Liviu Dragnea said he is not afraid of Geoana’s notice on his candidature, adding that however he doesn’t understand how Geoana can run for the party’s Congress if he is not a member of this party anymore. “Mr. Geoana is a liar, unfortunately. Mr. Geoana is doing a lot of harm to this party that made him its president once,” Dragnea further mentioned.

On the other hand, Geoana seems to have supporters inside the Social Democrat Party. MEP Catalin Ivan said on Thursday that the recent exclusions from PSD have been far-fetched and incorrect. In his view, the congress electing a new party leadership should include a healthy, real debate having as many ideas, platforms and projects as possible.

No later than last week, Ivan had stated that he was thinking to run for PSD Presidency, even if the incumbent leadership of the party has not set any date for the Congress, just convening the National Council, which, however, is not commissioned to elect the party leaders.

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