Two suspicious envelopes received at the Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest

SRI: No explosive material contained.

Two suspicious envelopes were received at the Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest on Tuesday morning. The police and Romanian Intelligence (SRI) agents were urgently called.

The envelopes with suspicious contents were received at the headquarters of an embassy in District 1 around 11:00hrs. The police went to the scene to secure the area, the quoted source says. Pyrotechnic teams are also on site to carry out specific checks.

“The SRI teams went to the Embassy of Ukraine today, following a 112 call, which stated that several suspicious envelopes had been received. The pyrotechnicians started the standard procedure to investigate them. Following the pyrotechnic control, it will be determined whether it will be necessary for them to be lifted and transported safely”, the SRI also announced.

Later this afternoon, SRI mentioned that the letters did not contain any explosive material.

“After the first checks, it was found that the envelopes do not contain explosive material. According to the procedure, they will be analyzed in specialized laboratories, in order to eliminate all suspicions regarding possible substances that could be present. We will return to the end of the laboratory research. In this case the SRI collaborates with the other authorized institutions”.

Over the past week, dozens of Ukrainian diplomatic missions in Europe have received envelopes with explosive substances or “bloody parcels” and animal eyes.

A letter bomb even exploded at the Ukrainian embassy in Spain and after police defused others sent including to Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

The Ukrainian embassy in Madrid received a package with animal eyes on Friday that the interior ministry said had a foreign stamp,

Such packages were sent to Kyiv’s embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and Italy, to the general consulates in Naples and Krakow, as well as to the consulate in Brno, according to the spokesman of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko.

Ukrainian FM retorts: Stop wasting your time and money on postage stamp

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitro Kuleba said the perpetrators will not succeed in intimidating Kiev, which will continue to fight for victory in the war started by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“A campaign of terror and intimidation was launched against Ukrainian embassies and consulates. An explosive package in Madrid, bloodstained letters with animal eyes in other capitals – I can only repeat for all enemies of Ukrainian diplomacy and Ukraine – you will not be able to intimidate or stop us, we are a united team of Ukrainian diplomats and we will continue to work for the defense of Ukraine and the nearness of our victory.We have new cases of sending dangerous packages to our embassies. Today, our Embassy in Romania and the Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark were added. To all those who continue to send these parcels and terrorize our embassies, please relax and stop wasting your time and money on postage stamps. You will not achieve anything with this”, said Dmitro Kuleba, according to the Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest.

Romanian MFA: Absolutely unacceptable

The Romanian MFA also retorted, saying it considers “absolutely unacceptable and intolerable any form of terrorist threat and strongly condemns any act of intimidation of a diplomatic mission”.

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