UNPR-PNL merger sounded out

The leader of the Progressive senators, Haralambie Vochitoiu revealed that UNPR might negotiate to merge with the National Liberal Party, while the Liberal leaders say that UNPR must join the party’s integrity standards first.

“It’s a debate (the merger) (…) Our leader has been authorized to negotiate a parliamentary alliance with PSD, PNL, ALDE. Discussions are under way,” said Vochitoiu.

He mentioned that on Thursday some majorities at the county councils in Timisoara, Caras Severin and Maramures are to be concluded. He stated that merger is one of the options, but not the only one, stressing that pre-electoral alliances with the Social Democrat Party are still standing.

On the other hand, PNL also admitted that merger could be “a possibility”, but insisted that one of the conditions is for UNPR to assume the Liberal integrity criteria, which will however lead to putting ex-chairman Gabriel Oprea on the shelf.

“Further more, UNPR has to assume the parliamentary majority and break off PSD,” Liberal sources told local media.

The deputy leader of the Liberal deputies Mircea Toader also told RFI that any collaboration with other party is open except PSD. Toader added that a potential merger with UNPR would be probably the last option at issue.


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