Update: Iohannis postpones appointment of new ministers: Romania has no prime minister, Dancila doesn’t understand how the state works

After PM Viorica Dăncilă has announced at the beginning of the government sitting on Friday that she had notified the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) in order to solve “the deadlock” created by President Klaus Iohannis by postponing to appoint the new ministers of Transports and Regional Development proposed by the ruling coalition, President Iohannis convened a press conference at Cotroceni Palace, slamming the premier and the ruling party for their actions.

The head of state argued that „Romania has no prime minister”, also saying that Dancila „doesn’t understand how the state works” and that PSD „doesn’t know how to do politics anymore” under Dragnea’s leadership.

Rumor has it that Mrs. Premier has notified the CCR. The court will probably provide an answer, but it won’t solve the problem, which is not a constitutional one, but political,” President Iohannis stated, adding that the two reasons for this situation are „one, Romania has not prime minister, and second, PSD’s inability of doing politics”.

Mrs. Prime Minister has sent a written request to me, and after that, without asking, she sent another one. She called me though yesterday and asked me if I finished my assessment and when I will give an answer and I have politely told her that I won’t tomorrow and after tomorrow. I would have expected her to call me and ask me why I am not giving an answer. This lady doesn’t understand how the state works.

PSD is not able anymore to politically negotiate. It tries to impose its will through the punch policy. It is unacceptable to me.

If we reached the stage that CCR decides, I will wait for the CCR ruling and after that I will act by the Constitution”, the Romanian head of state pointed out, adding that the PSD ruling majority in the Senate has decided that a reasonable time frame for this is “two-three months”. Iohannis exemplified with the delay of the Senate’s vote on the anti-corruption prosecutors’ request in the case of Calin Popescu Tariceanu, investigated in a corruption case.

Klaus Iohannis further argued that rulers are not elected or named to send papers to each other, but „to solve the state’s problems and this is through collaboration”.

„I see that PSD has lost the ability to politically act under this Dragnea. PSD is governing wrongly, I have repeatedly underlined that. PSD is legislating very, very badly and this is not a statement made for I don’t like PSD. The Constitutional Court has agreed with me in over 25 of the cases and declared laws partially or entirely unconstitutional. Over 25 unconstitutional laws in one year”, Iohannis said.

Asked who is running the Government, if Dancila doesn’t, the President replied: “This Government is led by offender Dragnea through agents”.

Iohannis concluded that his denial to appoint the new ministers is not blocking the Government’s activity, as Dancila, Dragnea and other PSD leaders had claimed.

First reactions from PSD

Vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Florin Iordache (PSD) considers that President Iohannis has exceeded his constitutional role on the reshuffle issue, while proving once again that it is a political fight. Iordache said that the Social Democrat Party will analyse the situation and take a decision.

PSD senator Serban Nicolae went further saying it is even “a medical problem” in President Iohannis’ case and the situation in the country is more and more serious.

He is marked only by the despair that the PSD-ALDE government is the one that, on behalf of Romania, is taking over the rotating presidency of the EU Council and he would do anything to block,” Nicolae argued.

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