Update: JusMin retorts to PSD chairman: No GEO can be adopted in the absence of any emergency. Virulent against former MEP Severin

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has retorted in an unusual manner on Facebook  to the ruling party’s chairman, Liviu Dragnea on the issue of emergency ordinances on justice-related matters.

More precisely, minister Toader has posted a short message on Facebook Saturday evening, saying that no emergency ordinance can be adopted in the absence of emergency. “A simple specification! In the absence of emergency, an Emergency Ordinance cannot be adopted!”, said the minister’s initial post. After some minutes the post was updated with a postscript. “The post will be deleted in an hour”.

Subsequently, Toader posted another message: “A simple specification! The statement in the previous post is valid, the same way the statement on April 2 was also valid. The difference: Today I was referring to the general request to adopt a GEO. On April 2 I was referring to the emergency of amending the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, in compliance with the numerous rulings that some of the provisions in force are not constitutional, such as transposing the Directive on the extended seizure and the enhancement of the benefit of doubt! P.S. this message will be deleted in 30 minutes,” reads Tudorel Toader’s post.

Asked by a net surfer why he is deleting messages, the Justice minister replied: “I have already answered this question: There is the risk the message is understood!”.

Toader’s reaction is coming after PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea warned the Justice minister on Friday that he cannot go on like this, announcing the ordinance for months and doing nothing.

Virulent against former MEP Severin

Minister Toader continued to post messages on Facebook on Sunday, replying to former MEP Adrian Severin, who served a sentence in prison for corruption.

“With his interests related to justice, I receive criticism from a certain Severin,” Toader wrote.

Sunday morning, Adrian Severin has criticized Tudorel Toader, calling him ‘impotent’ and ‘coward’.

“If the urgent problem is not solved urgently by an impotent, coward decider, tranzactionist or irresponsible, it means the problem is not urgent. This is the philosophy of Tudorel,” Adrian Severin wrote in his turn on Facebook.

FinMin Teodorovici points to lack of communication

“There was a lot of noise, a lot of talk on issued which are not on the Government agenda. Maybe the Justice Minister could have clarified better and in due time, to say clearly if the topic is considered or it does not exist. If it exists, which is the plan?” the Finance Minister said, according to Realitatea TV private broadcaster.

PMP leader has an advice for Toader: Turn into ‘Minister#resiztTT’

The leader of People’s Movement Party (PMP) argues ironically that Justice Minister Tudorel Toader is to swap camps and to become Minister#rezistTT’.

“Dragnea is at war with his own attorney, Minister#rezistTT. Tudorel is to swap the camps and to claim he is Minister#rezistTT.  The PSD Executive Committee, stunned by the developments, is considering summoning a sitting in Euforie resort, maybe they find TT guilty for the packages found on the shore,” Tomac wrote on Facebook.

You can read more here.

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