Update 2: 20 ministers withdraw resignations already sent to the Gov’t

Government spokeswoman Alina Petrescu (photo) has announced Thursday afternoon that 20 requests to withdraw the resignation have been filed by the ministers to the Prime Minister’s cabinet.

She stated, however, that the requests are ‘pointless’ and invoked Law 90 on the organization and functioning of the government.

Rumours surfaces since morning that several resigned ministers, among whom Development Minister Sevil Shhaideh, Interior Minister Carmen Dan and Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, have sent to the government requests to withdraw the resignations filed last week, political sources quoted by hotnews.ro said.

Sevil Shhaideh, Vice-Premier and Development Minister, has said “the resignation is withdrawn in view of ensuring the government stability, as well as managing and completing the necessary documents for the administration of public affairs, until completing the proceedings provided by article 85 of the Constitution.”

Later in the day, according to ziare.com, five ministers have requested to withdraw resignations, among them Sevil Shhaideh, Mihai Tudose, Ana Birchall, Toma Petcu and Andreea Pastarnac, while Lia Olguta Vasilescu was expected to do the same thing on Thursday. Agriculture Minister Petre Daea allegedly said he is waiting for ‘the inspiration of the moment’.

Later on, according to digi.24.ro the number of ministers to withdraw resignations has reached 14, as Adrian Petcu (Minister of Waters and Forests), Viorel Ilie (Minister for Parliament Liaison), Alexandru Petrescu (Minister for Business Environment and SMEs), Marius Dunca (Minister of Youth), Pavel Nastase (Education Minister) and Mircea Dobre (Tourism Minister) have also filed the requests.

Justice Minister says resignation becomes irrevocable on June 30

On the other hand, the resigned Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Thursday that his resignation would become irrevocable on January 30, by then he hopes a new government will be in place.

“I’ve always said I will ensure the interim mandate, I will carry on my duties until the last minute. Article 6 of Law 90 provides that the resignation becomes irrevocable 15 days after it is filed to the government. I submitted my resignation on June 15, it becomes irrevocable on June 30. After June 30, I cannot withdraw it, however it does not mean the interim mandate is over. (…) I am fully confident that by June 30 a new government will be in place,” Toader said.

He declined to say if he will be part of the next cabinet.

Tudorel Toader added he had a meeting, on Wednesday, with the ALDE chairman, Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

“I had a meeting with Mr. Chairman Tariceanu and we have discussed certain topics: the first one related to the judicial effects of a minister’s resignation and the judicial effects of the no-confidence vote (censure motion). The second one was related to the laws on justice, to the legislative process in general,” Toader said.

The Grindeanu cabinet was dismissed on Wednesday following a no-confidence vote filed by the PSD-ALDE governing coalition.

Ponta: Resignations are irrevocable

Secretary General of the dismissed Grideanu cabinet, Victor Ponta, said on Thursday the ministers ‘should not make a fool of themselves’.

Ponta claims the resignations are irrevocable, given that the former Secretary General Mihai Busuioc has registered them.

“Should they make a fool of themselves, by withdrawing the resignations and return to a government dismissed by their own votes? – although Law 90/2001 on government organisation reads they are ‘irrevocable’? I stress they were publicly announced, submitted in writing to the Prime Minister and ‘it was noted they were submitted’ by the former Secretary General Mihai Busuioc. Such lack of seriousness and incompetence is hard to find,” Victor Ponta said, according to digi.24.ro.

Ponta has posted the articles of law ruling the ministers’ resignations, which read that the resignation from an office of member of the government is to be publicly announced, submitted in writing to the prime minister and becomes irrevocable as of the moment of filing, but no later than 15 days since the date of filing.

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