Update: PSD summons Executive Committee on Monday in emergency procedure

The Social-Democratic Party has summoned the Executive Committee on Monday at 14.00h, at the Bucharest offices, to deal with the tensions in the party, following the request coming from many PSD members for an emergency sitting.

The sitting will take place following the open conflict between the PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and PM Mihai Tudose regarding several issues, lately regarding the Interior Minister Carmen Dan. Sources say Dragnea’s supporters would call for a non-confidence vote within the party against Tudose, who could thus lose the political support for the position of Premier.

According to the media, PSD Senator Claudiu Manda, head of the parliamentary committee for SRI control, requested the emergency summoning of the Executive Committee, based on the developments in the past week. He has thus joined the positions taken by former Minister for European Funds, Rovana Plumb and the PSD Neamt leader, Ionel Arsene. A similar demand was voiced by Bucharest Mayor, Gabriela Firea, the PSD Vaslui branch and Olt branch.

PSD Constanta leader, incumbent Transport Minister Felix Stroe, said “the Government needs to include the best prepared people of the party. I wish the branches get more involved. (…) The Premier is responsible for the governance, so he needs to have the power of decision as well.”

In his turn, Adrian Tutuianu, former Defence Minister, has said he is concerned about the internal developments in the party and that PSD is at the crossroads. “It would be sheer suicide to change the Government again,” Tutuianu said on his Faceboook page.

On the other hand, PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu has announced that the Executive Committee will take place on Monday so that “everything remain as they are: the leadership, the Government to do its job, the governing programme to meet the schedule.” He added that problems should be settled within the party before reaching the public.

The Executive Committee was expected initially to take place at the end of January in Iasi.

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