US analysts: US should subsidize advanced offensive arms exports to Romania and other Eastern European NATO countries to defend from Russia

United States should facilitate and even subsidize exports of advanced offensive weapons to NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania, in order to respond quickly to possible Russian aggressions like the one in Ukraine – reads a recent analysis conducted by the Centre for European Policy Analysis, an independent think tank based in Washington, informs.

In the analysis titled “A strategy of exclusion to protect the NATO border” strategists Jakub J. Grygiel and A. Wess Mitchell are critical against the current strategy of the North Atlantic Alliance in Europe, which is based – they say – on the concentration of military capabilities on the NATO’s central European territory, meaning western European countries.

CEPA analysis warns that NATO’s strategy of “defence-in-depth” was valid during the Cold War, the Soviet Union (which aimed to include entire countries), but is ineffective against possible aggression of the Russian Federation, which now uses the so-called “little green men” in Ukraine. Thus, using these unofficial and not assumed bands – rebels, separatists, “volunteers” backed by Moscow – Russia has annexed Crimea and is annexing de facto the eastern territories of Ukraine.

“Defence-in-depth works if the enemy wants to conquer the entire state, but not if the enemy’s target is a limited territorial adjustment. For fragile states in Central and Eastern Europe such as Poland, Estonia or Romania, the lesson was clear: if you are attacked, you cannot rely on the fact that reinforcements sent from the West will reach you in time to cancel any territorial fait accompli attempted by the Russians, “warns the CEPA analysis.

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