USR forms shadow government. Ciolos: The plan is to win all elections of 2024, to give the Romanian President

USR is forming a shadow government, while preparing from the opposition for the 2024 elections. USR chairman Dacian Ciolos says his party aims at winning all elections in 2024 to be “the first violin” in the government.

“We have either former ministers or former secretaries of state from all ministries, people who know what projects they left there. We have very active colleagues in Parliament. All these people in this shadow government will also come with opposition actions, when rulers come with wrong proposals we will criticize them with arguments, but we will also come with alternative proposals to show that there is something else”, Dacian Cioloș told Digi 24.

The USR leader said USR wants to win all elections in 2024, including the presidential elections.

USR will prepare for 2024 by proposing an alternative for Romania’s development. We want to win all the elections. Let’s give the president and be the first party in a governing coalition. Sure, we want to win the election and give the government, but we know it’s difficult. But we want to be the violin first,” he argued.

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