USR-PLUS leaders reveal priorities and plans after elections

PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos has said that the Alliance 2020 will not join ruling if Dancila Government is dismissed by a no confidence vote in parliament, but it will endorse a new Cabinet depending on its political programme.

Ciolos told TVR1 on Sunday night that the USR-PLUS Alliance 2020 will endorse a censure motion against Dancila Cabinet in Parliament and opined that the goal of the next potential Executive will be to organise the presidential elections and, after that, snap elections.

Our colleagues from USR said they would endorse a no confidence vote to send Dancila Government home, and then they will back up a new government depending on its political programme. I haven’t understood from URS they would intend to join ruling, but they might support a new government if their political programme also included the goals set by USR-PLUS Alliance 2020. I mentioned the early elections after the presidential elections for, as far as I know, the Constitution does not allow us to call for early elections six months before the presidential ballot”, Ciolos explained.

In his turn, his alliance partner, USR chairman Dan Barna, said on Monday that the priority of the USR MPs is to promote the law on vote by mail and on the electronic vote. “We cannot accept anymore, as a state, that Romanians in Diaspora should be humiliated”, Barna stressed.

What happened on Sunday, after the experience in 2014, is the strongest argument that the incumbent government must leave. Starting tomorrow, the priority of USR lawmakers will be to promote the laws on the vote by mail and on the electronic vote,” Barna said, reminding that the draft laws are already tabled in Parliament.

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