USR’s leader Dan Barna asks Anti-fraud Department to send his EU fund-related case to DNA

USR chairman, Dan Barna, has asked the Anti-Fraud Department, which was notified over the media reports on Barna‘s former company and its EU-funded projects, to send all documents it has in this case to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

Barna argues he cannot trust that the Anti-Fraud Department will conduct a fair investigations, accusing the body is subordinated to PSD.

The USR leader claims that the Anti-Fraud Department is led by the confidence men of former PSD chair Liviu Dragnea and that the investigation against him is one of PSD’s “dirty campaign maneuvers”.

Barna said he trusts DNA more and that he had nothing to hide as the Rise Project’s journalists investigation had revealed no criminal deed.

“I have seen these days a lot of emotions and hysteria, a lot of frustration and revolt. Exacerbated reactions and inappropriate language from all directions. It is obvious that was calculated. I am calling again on calm and reasoning. It is the right of any journalist to produce a journalistic feature, nobody can contest that. It is the duty of public institutions and courts to review these deeds and to pronounced rulings. I was and I will always been open towards aspect of my work of the past 20 years on consultancy as I have nothing to hide. Yet , it is painful to see members of my family and great, honest people, next to whom I worked over 10 years, that they are affected and mocked because <that’s the electoral campaign goes>,” Barna said in a Facebook post.

He stated that it is very obvious that the aim of PSD’s campaign against him is to depict him as a politician who has legal problems, just like they are.

At the same time, Barna asked his colleagues in USR to stop any attack against the journalists from Rise Project.

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