Viorel Catarama files criminal complaint against PNL chair Orban and other 15 Liberals

Member of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Viorel Catarama has announced that he would file a criminal complaint against PNL chairman Ludovic Orban and other 15 Liberal leaders, on the ground that they had tried to oust him from the party and falsified the result of the vote on nominating the future premier proposed by the National Liberal Party.

I will file a criminal complaint against Ludovic Orban, George Ionescu, Dinu Gindu and others for defrauding the result of the National Council  vote on March 11 on designating the party’s candidate for the premier position,” Catarama said.

PNL first vice-president for District 2 at that time, Viorel Catarama accused that the results show a gap between the official record and the final vote, namely that 100 extra votes would have been transferred to Ludovic Orban. Catarama also ran to be named as PNL’s PM proposal, but Ludovic Orban won.

Catarama also announced he would notify the criminal prosecution bodies for the attempt of those Liberal leaders to oust him from the party on the ground he had broken the statute.

Bucharest  PNL’s arbitration panel has recently decided that the decision to oust Viorel Catarama from the party is void, on the ground that some provisions of the party’s statute have not been observed, including the article stipulating that people targeted by ousting should be announced in due time and should have the right to defend themselves.

Viorel Catarama has embarked on a row with Ludovic Orban, repeatedly attacking the Liberal chairman and accusing him of lack of communication. Catarama also complained that Orban is taking decisions without consulting the other Liberals and that he „had given up ruling” early this year when he went to the political consultations with the President with no proposal for the PM position.

In retort to Catarama’s criminal complaint, Viorel Badea, the leader of PNL Diaspora said his action is not important, „for Catarama is a zombie from the public point of view”.

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