Viorel Cataramă resigns from PNL to set up Liberal Right party, to run for presidency

PNL District 2 first Deputy Chairman, Viorel Catarama, has announced on Monday he has resigned from the National Liberal Party (PNL) and will set up a new party called Liberal Right (DL) and will run for presidency in 2019.

In the release, Catarama mentions the political programme.

Among the objectives are: cancelling all social assistance payments for those able to work; cancelling all special pensions for politicians and the administrative apparatus; minimum pension of RON 1,000 (at least 70% of the minimum wage); repealing all privileges for the ‘state employees aristocracy’ – laying off 25% of the public system employees, freezing the wage increases for the next two years; strong support for the private sector; the tax burden to be set according to the earnings, tax on profit at 10%, VAT based on reverse tax; minimum wage set after negotiations between employers and trade unions; stimulation of private education and scholarships for children from low income families; reform of the health insurance system concomitantly with the development of the health system; Romania’s accession to the Schengen area; strengthening of the judiciary independence and the separations of powers, clear laws to support the fight against corruption; supporting businessmen to public positions.

The Liberal Right party will run for local and general elections, Viorel Catarama will run for presidency in 2019.

His resignation has occurred the same day in which the PNL arbitration panel has decided to postpone the decision to expel Catarama from the party.

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