Viorica Dancila goes back on claiming Diaspora protest on August 10, 2018 was a coup d’etat

PSD candidate for Presidency, Viorica Dancila has convened another press conference on Thursday, being assaulted by the journalists’ questions.

Asked if she maintains her opinion that a coup d’etat was attempted on August 10, 2018, during the Diaspora rally, Dancila said that she initially the events of August 10, 2018 looked like a coup d’etat, considering protesters were trying to break into Victoria Palace (the seat of the Government), but that she saw later that it was not a coup.

“I believe the bodies that are mentioned in this report [the report of the Gendarmerie regarding the August 10, 2018 protest – e.n.] must provide these answers, because I believe that would be correct in order to find out the truth. Yes, I said back then that it looks like a coup d’etat, given that the breaching of the Victoria Palace was attempted. I saw later that it wasn’t a coup,” Dancila said.

Dancila invites journalists to her villa in Predeal, changes her mind later on

Also during the press conference, Viorica Dăncilă invited a journalist who asked her about her famous house in the mountains to come and see her villa in Predeal “so that any suspicion should be removed”.

Her stance comes after the former PM claimed the villa is not finished, although media photo coverage featured a completed building that looked inhabited.

“In the spirit of good faith, you should go tomorrow with my son by car there to see the house is not completed”, Dancila told a journalist who insisted on this topic.

Only that, several hours after the conference, the PSD candidate’s electoral campaign staff came back on this decision and mentioned the journalists will soon receive some photos to prove the building is not completed yet.

In a later press release, PSD claimed that Viorica Dancila had actually invited only the journalist who had asked the question about her villa, but after that, “numerous journalists voiced their intention to also go to that address to do a report from inside of the villa”. Because this would have prompted <security issues in the future> and would have made the family ‘uncomfortable, but also because Viorica Dăncilă did not want to discriminate journalists, PSD is asking mass media to show understanding and to respect her right to privacy. “

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