Washington Post: Russia could conquer Kyiv in 2025, as the Ukrainian military collapses

The cutting of military aid by the US to Ukraine would have “catastrophic” consequences: a Ukraine under Russian control – be it military or political – would practically mean a Russia on the borders of NATO and the EU, which would not only diminish but could lead at the very end of US global dominance, Washington Post reports.

Thus, in the absence of financial and military aid from the West, the Ukrainian army, no matter how much it tries to resist the Russian invasion, risks “collapse” in a year.

“The Russians do not currently have the capability to attack Kiev, but they will be able to in 2025. That is their intention. In the worst-case scenario, we will have an immediate end to US aid (to Ukraine), leading to a slow deterioration of Ukrainian forces in 2025 and a collapse in 2025 as Russia increases its frontline activities.” , Jack Watling, a military expert at the Institute for Strategic Studies in London (RUSI – Royal United Services Institute), told the Washington Post.

The Republican and Democratic leaders of the US Congress recently reached an agreement to provide funding of 1.66 trillion dollars in order to avoid a shutdown that would have led to a shutdown of the US administration. The decision is one that raises hopes for the possible unblocking of a financial package by Congress that includes $64 billion in military aid for Ukraine.

Currently, on the Ukrainian front, the Russian army has regained the initiative. Russian forces are on the offensive in several areas of the front and have made small territorial gains despite huge losses in men and combat equipment.

According to US intelligence estimates, the Russians lost more than 315,000 soldiers – dead and wounded. Instead, the Ukrainians also suffered heavy losses. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Ukrainians lost over 215,000 soldiers. The figure is close to New York Times estimates, according to which the Ukrainians lost almost 200,000 soldiers (70,000 killed, about 120,000 wounded).

Moreover, the waves of airstrikes in recent days, in which the Russians have launched hundreds of missiles and drones over Ukraine, are now directed not at energy infrastructure (as they were last year) but directly at Ukrainian factories and industrial facilities that produce weapons and military equipment.

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