“We don’t abandon Romania”, manifesto signed by tens of public figures, NGOs in protest against the new ruling coalition

Dozens of civic organizations and public figures have signed a manifesto accusing the current political class of orchestrating a political miners’ riot in the recent months:

“Like then, you brought to power a government that is, in fact, a restoration and then, you crushed what had been built in weeks and months (and years, this time) of pure protests demanding a European destiny for Romania. ”

Among the initiators and the signatories of the Statement, there are NGOs like Vă vedem din Sibiu, Corupția Ucide, Geeks for Democracy, Freedom House Romania, Societatea Timișoara, Reset, as well as public figures such as Mircea Cărtărescu, Andrei Oișteanu, Ciprian Mihali, Ada Solomon, Andrei Rosu,  Carmen Uscatu, Oana Gheorghiu, Radu Vancu,  Radu Paraschivescu, Tudor Chirilă or Vladimir Tismăneanu.

“We are still here. We saw you, in astonishment and disgust, how nothing has prevented you from enforcing the most outrageous betrayal of the popular vote after 1990: neither the hundreds of daily deaths (for, in order to appoint your government, you haven’t hesitated to abandon the most medically vulnerable of us), nor the terrible explosion of the prices (for you haven’t hesitated to abandon the most economically vulnerable of us), nor the thought that the disgrace with which you are trampling the vote that you asked from us brings despair to the entire Romania, so that, as a recent poll shows, hundreds of thousand of youngsters want, again, to leave far away because of you. Like after the miners’ riots”, the manifesto says.

The signatories accuse the current rulers that they had created a political miner’s riot in the past “traumatizing” months. “Like then, you brought to power a government which is actually a restoration. Like then, you crushed what it had been built in weeks and months (this time, years) of clean protests that were asking for a European destiny for Romania. As then, you are about to destroy exactly the essential fuel of a nation: hope, the one that kept us in the street for hundreds of days in a row, the one that allowed us to believe in European Romania”.

The protesters blame the current leaders (hinting to President Iohannis and the PNL Cabinet) that they brought to power PSD, “the precise anti-European party against whom they had fought in the street”, the party that was accused in the European Parliament, warned by the European Commission, by embassies and strategic partners “to abandon the insane programme that sabotaged the European Romania”, the party that suppressed protesters “with tear gas and grenades on August 10, 2018. “You cynically brought this party back to power. What you did now was to conclude the violence back then”.

But we are still here. Don’t think we haven’t seen you if we didn’t take to the streets. Or that we won’t as soon as you start violating again the same red lines that ensure our European destiny. Those lines are not negotiable for us”, the document further says.

The signatories of the manifesto ask the PSD-PNL-UDMR government to repair the justice laws (according to the CVM reports and the decisions of the Venice Commission) and to dismantle the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates (SIIJ), ruling out its re-establishment in another form.

They also demand the amendment of the electoral laws, namely to allow the election of mayors in two rounds.

Other demands are:

-the abolition of the special pensions

-a government without criminal files

-depoliticization of the state institutions, enforcing criteria of competence and meritocracyin hiring staff

-total transparency of spending public money through the National Resilience and Recovery Plan and other national local development projects.

“We’re watching you to prevent you from tabling dangerous laws, such as a law to ban the right for abortion under the pretext of birth rate. As soon as you adopt laws against these demands, you’ll implicitly become European Romania’s enemies, we’ll fight with all our strength for these demands, including in the street. We are still here. And we believe in Romania’s European destiny as strong as before. Don’t try to sabotage it. For we’ll fight for it till the end. As we did it against the toxic party that you chose as your partner. And, as we won back then, we’ll win now as well. Because we, unlike you, we are not abandoning Romania”, the manifesto concludes.

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