Where did top officials celebrate National Day and what messages did they convey?

President-elect Klaus Iohannis chose to celebrate National Day in Alba Iulia, the Union City. Iohannis, wearing a tricolor scarf, was welcomed by the locals with applause and the traditional bread, salt and Romanian slivovitz.

The future Romanian president said he aimed at rediscovering the idea of national unity together with the people. “What does this mean? It means assuming some national goals, it means joint action to reach these goals and it means regaining trust (…) The 100th anniversary will not only see these goals assumed, but will also see some of them already got through. But to achieve all this, one more thing is still needed above all: regaining trust. Permanent suspicion, doubt, fear and insecurity have estranged us one from another, especially in the past years. They made us see rivals when we could see partners, they made us stand aside when we could get involved, they made us be reticent when we could build up, they made us work by themselves when we could team up,” Iohannis stated.

He also said that political parties would have to understand they have the duty to represent their nation and to aim national goals in the first place, as they are above personal interests. “Stage goals don’t mean anything without long-term ones (…) we cannot build our future according to circumstances but through an act of assumed will. Happy birthday Romania, happy birthday, Romanians,” Klaus Iohannis concluded.

Military parade in Bucharest got together the incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the outgoing president Traian Basescu. They were standing at a goodly distance one from another, preferring to ignore each other. Both Basescu and Ponta were wearing tricolor cockades, and besides that, the premier and the other members of the Governments were wearing tricolor scarfs.

The last National Day reception hosted by Basescu as president

Later on in the evening, President Basescu hosted for the last time the reception on National Day at Cotroceni Palace, attended by 2,000 guests.

Traian Basescu said in his speech “Romania and its people have the gift of rising in crucial moments and of gathering all its resources, all its energies to overthrow the darkest perspectives.”

He went on saying that Romanians had a stronger will than politicians and media on November 16 and that elites would never resist ruling the nation unless they kept at least one step ahead of the people’s evolution. The outgoing president prophesied that the Romanian politicians who would not understand what Romanians want would be “annihilated” by the people in a few years.

On the other hand, tackling the topic of the recent parliamentary elections in Republic of Moldova, Traian Basescu hailed the pro-European parties’ victory and said that he would never retract the ideal of the Romanian nation’s unification in one single Romanian state. “The national celebration of all Romanians is the best moment for renewing assurance that Romania will keep on supporting European integration ambitions of the Romanians living across Prut River, while the unification of the Romanian nation in one single Romanian state is an ideal that I will never retract,” Basescu said.

Many of guests attending the reception did not succeed in entering Unirea great hall where it took place, ultimately listening to the president’s speech on TV in the lobby. Among those who couldn’t enter the hall were the U.S. Charge d’Affaires Dean Thompson, Israel’ ambassador Dan Ben-Eliezer and the Greek ambassador Grigorios Vassiloconstandakis, Mediafax reported.

As a matter of fact, many foreign ambassadors were present, among which UK ambassador Paul Brummell, the German ambassador Werner Hans Lauk, the French ambassador Francois Saint-Paul, the Dutch one Matthijs van Bonzel, China’s female ambassador Huo Yuzhen and the Russian ambassador Oleg Malghinov.

PM Ponta did not attend the reception, the Government being represented by vice-premier Liviu Dragnea, Defense minister Mircea Du?a and Interior minister Gabriel Oprea.

Ponta refers to stability and responsibility

In a previous statement released earlier on National Day, PM Ponta appealed to stability and responsible leaders, saying that we are all Romanians, regardless of the ethnic group we belong and of our religion. “The mistakes of the past should not be repeated. Fight and split only lead to poverty and alienation and are used to destroy the community spirit and the national identity. Regardless of age, social status, ethnic group or religion, we are all Romanians and we have a joint important goal, to build a better and safer life here, at home, for us and for our children. We have to trust our solidarity and cooperation capacity, so that Romania should turn to a country where everybody finds his place, part and professional and personal completion,” read Ponta’s message.

On the other hand, PM Ponta got a surprising message on Romania’ s national Day, from his Russian counterpart, Dmitri Medvedev. The Russian PM wished Romanians peace and prosperity, expressing belief that enhancing practical interaction on various levels complies with Romania and Russia’ s interests.

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