10 injured in Bucharest tram-bus collision

Ten persons were injured in Bucharest on Monday after a tram crashed into a bus at Calea Vitan- Mihai Bravu Bvd crossroads. Tram hit the bus backdoor, breaking the windows and bending the door. 9 out of ten injured persons were travelling by bus. Two old women, aged 80 and 67and a 49-year-old man were severely injured, having thoracic and backbone traumas. Their condition is now stable. Two teenagers were among the other seven injured. Police is due to investigate the accident’s causes, both the tram driver and the bus one pretending to have gone the right way.

Meanwhile, a row sparked between the Autonomous Transportation Enterprise of Bucharest (RATB) management and trade unionists. While unionists’ leader Alexandru Mihalache told Realitatea TV that out of repair brakes might cause the collision, jeopardizing passengers and drivers, Bucharest local transportation management denies the possibility of brakes loosening, arguing they are checked first time in the morning, before buses start routing. However, RATB employees are due to protest tomorrow morning over transportation’s precarious state at RATB HQs.




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