103 Romanians and Their Families Granted Gaza Exit

103 of the Romanians stranded in the Gaza Strip and their family members have received permission to depart today, and their evacuation to Egypt will take place at the Rafah border crossing, as announced by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). In an interview with Digi24, MFA spokesperson Radu Filip urged those who remain to be patient and assured them that discussions for the evacuation of everyone are ongoing.

“Many more have sought our assistance, about 260 people, but for now, only 103 have received this approval. This doesn’t mean that other groups won’t follow. The security situation in the area is highly volatile, so I won’t provide any specific timeframe. I appeal to the patience of those who have not yet received permission to leave – we assure them that they are not forgotten. Our efforts will continue unabated.

Our colleagues from consular offices maintain dialogue with them, and when we have information, it will reach them. My colleagues remain there as mobile consular teams,” Radu Filip stated.

Romanians in Gaza have been informed by representatives of the Romanian Representation Office in Ramallah regarding the procedure, and their evacuation to Egypt will occur on Tuesday, with adherence to all specific procedures, the source mentioned. To facilitate the evacuation, mobile consular teams from the Rapid Response Unit of the MFA Crisis Cell will provide the necessary support at the Rafah border crossing. Subsequently, Romanian citizens and their families will be taken over by representatives of the Romanian Embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the two mobile teams, who will accompany them to Cairo, from where they will reach Romania on a special flight.

Additionally, the Interinstitutional Crisis Cell, through the diplomatic missions in Cairo and Tel Aviv, continues its dialogue with the Egyptian and Israeli authorities to finalize the evacuation operations for the other Romanian citizens and their family members who have requested assistance and are still in the Gaza Strip. Approximately 350 Romanians reside in Gaza, and of these, 260, along with their family members, have requested to leave.

The youngest among the 103 Romanians to be rescued from Gaza is two months old, and the oldest is 79 years old, according to the list reviewed by Digi24. The first 103 Romanian citizens and their families from Gaza have finally received permission to leave the enclave and enter Egypt. From there, they will be picked up by a special aircraft sent by the Romanian authorities.

Most of the Romanians to be evacuated today from Gaza are under 25 years old. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a total of 103 Romanians and their family members will be removed from the Rafah crossing to Egypt. They are the first citizens of our country to be evacuated from the bombardments in the Gaza Strip.

The youngest Romanian to be evacuated is only 2 months old. In contrast, the oldest turned 79 years old on January 1st. The list also includes two 9-month-old babies and one 6-month-old. Five children are one year old, and 17 of the evacuees are between 2 and 14 years old. Several are teenagers and young adults, totaling 31 of them. They are between 15 and 25 years old. To have a clearer idea, 57 of the 103 Romanians to be taken out of the Gaza Strip are under 25 years old.

Therefore, 46 people exceed this threshold. The list also includes individuals who are 75 and 77 years old. In total, approximately 600 foreign citizens are on this new list. Besides Romanians, there are Moldovans, Germans, French, Ukrainians, and Filipinos. So far, over 2,000 foreign citizens have been allowed to enter Egypt through the Rafah crossing, which was opened for evacuations for the first time on November 1st.

In the meantime, those who remain are revolted and desperate, wondering when they will manage to leave.

Romanian woman from the Gaza Strip: “We are not on the list. When will we get out? So, a hundred Romanians will leave, and we’ll stay, is that it? What’s the problem? Why don’t we all leave at once? Why aren’t we all evacuated at once? When will we get out? Are we going to die today? It was tough, we haven’t slept. When are we leaving? When will we be evacuated? We want to understand how the names were selected. We didn’t expect this. We expected the whole group of Romanians at once. We don’t know, maybe tomorrow or the day after, on the next list. What will happen, we don’t know.”

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