12 migrants and Serbian guide, stopped by Police at the western border with gunfire, after breaking barrage

In the early hours of Monday two cars transporting 12 migrants and their Serbian guide have broken a Police barrage, injuring a policeman and damaging several cars. Policemen had to use the weapons to stop them, two migrants being injured and being taken to the hospital.

The incident took place at 3.00h near the border zone Moravita-Denta, after Police organised a barrage on European road E 70, the Border Police informs, quoted by hotnews.ro.

The drivers did not stop upon the police signals and have broken the police barrage. One policeman was injured, several police cars were damaged.

At the same time, by ricochet, two more people were injured, passengers of the cars whose drivers did not stop at control, the quoted source said. The two people, of African-Asian origin, were urgently transported to hospital to receive medical care.

Following the action of border guards, 12 African-Asian citizens and a Serbian citizen, the driver of one of the cars, have been remanded.


Photo: Border Police

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