12 migrants to be extradited from Romania

12 out of 60 migrants who illegally arrived to Romania three weeks ago will be extradited, as there are suspicions regarding their IDs and stories they had told to stay in Romania. Another 43 persons belonging to the same group are also under question, with officers of the Romanian Intelligence Service checking if the men have connections with the terrorist organizations.

60 men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and Iraq tried to trespass the Romanian-Serbian border three weeks ago. After being caught, they have been taken to the Jimbolia Police centre to be fingerprinted and heard, Digi 24 informs.

Only five men presented credible stories, so they have been accommodated in a public custody centre in Otopeni. They are not allowed to leave Bucharest, but received phone cards to talk to their families.

The migrants confessed that Romania is just a transit country on their way to the final destination. Most of them want to go to Germany, through Hungary and Austria.

According to the Romanian Immigration Bureau, a foreign citizen is entitled to the refugee statute on extremely grounded reasons related to persecution due to religion, nationality or race.

Migrants who arrive in Romania and obtain a type of protection are accommodated in 6 centres in Bucharest, Galați, Timișoara, Rădăuți, Maramureș and Giurgiu. They receive RON 6 per day.

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