15pc wage increase as of July 1 for the military, pension point up to RON 1,000 – Labour Minister says

The military and staff under contract with the Ministry of National Defence will have a wage increase of 15% as of July 1, and the pension point will be increased to RON 1,000, Labour Minister Lia Olguţa Vasilescu announced on Sunday.

“As of July 1 the unitary wage law for state employees comes into force. We are waiting for the President to have his say, the bill is on his table, however I am confident the law will come into force as of July 1. I’d like to mention that, since early this year, we have issued various emergency ordinances to increase the state employees’ wages – in the health system, education, administration, culture, defence. The military and the staff under contract with the Defence Ministry will have a 15% increase as of July 1, the ordinance has already been adopted,” Vasilescu said.

The Minister added that concomitantly the pension point will grow to RON 1,000 and the retired will collect the first increased pensions after July 1. “I want to tell the pensioners not to worry, as the ordinance is adopted since March, i.e. since the state budget was adopted, the money is included in the budget,” Vasilescu said.

Referring to the new government to be approved by parliament, Olguta Vasilescu said a new governing programme will have to be approved, nevertheless the key issues of the programme during the electoral campaign will remain in place.

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